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Aftercare Options


Columbia, SC
2711 Alpine Rd Suite 100
Columbia, SC 29223

Phone: 803-605-2295

I have decided to utilize the services of Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services, located in Columbia, SC. This crematorium was chosen for their respectful handling of the entire process, as well as their multiple safeguards to ensure that the right pet is in the right place at the right time.The Faithful Companion facility was designed with families in mind. They provide a meeting room for those who choose to bring their pet to the facility. The visitation room was created as a comfortable setting for families who want to witness the cremation process, which contradicts the preconceived notions many families have regarding crematories.


The private cremation fee is $245 and includes same-day pickup/next-day return by Faithful Companion, the cremation process, a standard rosewood urn, a grief journal, and an engraving on the urn. Pawprints are available for an additional $45 each. Fur clippings are available at no additional charge for both private and communal cremations.


Please follow the link to view their services for private or communal cremation and select Columbia, SC. Payment for private cremation services will be handled directly by Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services. They also offer several urns and special keepsakes at an additional cost that can be seen on their website.


Transport of your pet by the Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services team is included for private cremation.

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This beautiful wooden urn is included in the price of private cremation with Faithful Companion and may be engraved at no additional charge. Other urns and keepsakes may be chosen at an additional cost and are handled by Faithful Companion. 

Pet Aquamation

3728 Byrnes Dr.
St. Stephen, SC 29479

What Is Aquamation?

Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a process similar to what occurs if you bury your pet, just accelerated. Aquamation uses gentle water flow, warm temperature, and a small amount of minerals. Like cremation, the mineral ash of the bones can be returned to you or the Earth. The ash is lighter in color because it is clean without carbon discoloration from extreme heat. Approximately 20% more “ash” is returned due to the water-based process that does not burn away the remains. Aquamation uses 90% less energy than traditional cremation. Aquamation is gentle, eco-friendly, and has zero emissions.


Partitioned Aquamation - Your pet is aquamated with other pets. All pets are separated by stainless steel dividers and uniquely identified using our Secure ID Tracking System.

Palmetto Pet Aquamation is located in the Charleston area. A courier transports pets once a week to their facility. Return time due to transportation may take 2-4 weeks due to the use of courier services and shipping ashes back to the client's home. 

Prices are based on the weight of the pet, starting at $155.

Please contact us for further pricing information, or contact Palmetto Pet Aquamation directly via their website or phone number.

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