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At Forget-Me-Not Veterinary, I know just how much your pet meant to you and how special they were in your family's life. This page is dedicated to honor your time together and let their memory live on.

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Dr. Knight’s assistance with Taboo’s passing will forever be etched in my mind due to her candor and skill at handling the situation. My heart has also been touched as evidenced in her patience and warm regards while witnessing one of life’s most unbearable moments. 

Taboo joined the realm of angels 8/20/21. I'm so thankful to the animal kingdom for bringing all the joy and comfort to our lives that they do. It's sucks to "turn the key" to let the door open to the next dimension for her. But I can personally attest to the fact that suffering is over rated! So with dignity and gratitude I peacefully say goodbye to our friend of 16-years....


And “thank you” to an angel whose name is Crystal Knight (… of course it is!)


Every once in a while a truly remarkable animal comes into your life and changes it for the better. From the day we got Rocco on a rainy Northern California Christmas Eve in 2008 until his passing October 19th 2021 our life was infinitely better from him.

He was even tempered, strong and loyal to the end. He loved his brother Borris and all of our kids and friends. Everyone says they have the best dog ever and that's the way it’s supposed to be. Rocco was truly amazing and loving. We miss our Big Boy terribly but we have to be strong for his brother who is with us. Thank you Dr Knight for helping ease our pain and for Eric at Columbia Pet Cremation Center who set up a beautiful tribute to our Rocco yesterday when we picked up his ashes. 

Forever Dog lovers

Jon, Darlene & Borris Martin

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Snowy River’s Lucy Heiney was born on 10/29/2005 in Sweet Home, Oregon and passed this life on February 7, 2022. She was an English Shepherd, UKC and ESC Registered. She flew to her permanent home in January 2006 accompanied by Amanda Heiney DiPietro. During her flight, she learned to love turkey. She passed her Canine Good Citizen Test in 2011 and completed several obedience courses. Her job was to be a companion to her owners Sue and Michael Heiney. For the last six years, she served marvelously to comfort Sue in the loss of her husband. She loved doing obedience commands and taking long hikes with Sue. When she crosses the Rainbow Bridge, she will be greeted by her canine friends, Sasha, Nollie and Gretchen along with her human family, Michael, Garvin and Effie.


Mimi September 11 2009 - March 4 2022
Mimi came into our lives as an almost 10 year old.  She was everything Otterhound.  Playful, entertaining, and silly.  Her nickname was “Space Invader” because she always positioned herself as close to you as she could.  This way she ensured she got all the love she wanted and definitely deserved.  She’ll always be in our hearts and memories.


In Loving Memory of Kati

by Vicky Talbott


We were so fortunate to become Bleux's parents. He came from blue ribbon show winners, but was the runt and his coat was bi-colored, which disqualified him from show status. Lucky us! He was the perfect addition to our family and brought us many years of memories full of fun, love, and joy that will remain with us in our hearts. In his younger years, he enjoyed playing with feathered toys. In his elder years, he enjoyed the comfort of warm, loving laps and arms. After almost 17 years of life, Bleux crossed the rainbow bridge with Dr. Crystal Knight's assistance on 9/23/2021. Her compassion, patience, and loving assistance throughout the entire process is priceless. It takes a special person to be there for pet parents at end of life stage, and we couldn't have done this without her. 


In Loving Memory of Tucker Harrelson


From the time we brought you home. For all these 11 years so much joy you brought into our lives.
Always in a wonderful mood, ready to play ball, your constant heavy breathing, always a reminder of your part in our lives. In so many ways weary of anything new in your surroundings, but nevertheless always ready to defend us from the dreaded Canadian geese in our yard. You fought hard girl, playing ball to the last minute of your life. We will miss you sooo much our Ellie girl.   Rest In Peace.

Love always, the McClure family


Baley Gwynne was a perfect little soul who loved head rubs, cat snacks from his grandfather, and sitting in the window watching the world flow by.  He grew up in Rhode Island with his first loving mom, Gail.  But he decided he didn’t like the winters anymore and moved to South Carolina in 2017.  He enjoyed having cat and dog brothers and sisters for the first time in SC.  And he loved all the special attention his mom, dad, and human brother, Stratford, gave him every single day.  Baley’s family will miss his special walk, the way he would scratch at his rugs, and his early morning meows.  Baley had a wonderfully long and happy life.  His family was so lucky to be able to love him for so long.  “Mr. B” will live on always in their hearts.

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Maximus Rex Robinette, our beloved English Labrador Retriever, was born in Petersburg, WV. He spent his early years in Cumberland, MD and lived out the rest of his life in Lexington, SC. Along the way, he dug holes, got into the trash, ate unattended food, barked at Chihuahuas that were 100 feet away, jumped off the diving board, climbed fences, caught frisbees, swam with dolphins and manatees and never wanted to leave our side. He was the ultimate family dog, a gentle friend to all of us, and a constant, calming presence for 14 years. We will miss him dearly. He is survived by his human parents, Glenn and Anita Robinette, human siblings, Timothy and his wife, Vienvilay, Margot and Grace Robinette, his favorite human, nephew, Ezekiel Robinette-Brisco, and his partners-in-crime, Lucy, Ollie and J.C.


In Loving Memory of Rhett Butler Knight