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Home Euthanasia Visit: $375

I will travel to your home, within the coverage area, to assist with the peaceful transition of your pet. The base fee includes travel within the service area, time for any questions or discussion about the procedure, sedation/pain medication given to help your pet relax, followed by an injection for euthanasia that will not be felt by your pet.

The service area included in my fee is approximately a 30 minute radius as indicated in the blue area on the provided map.

Please see the Aftercare Options page for more information.


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Additional charges:​

  • Aggressive pets - to cover for additional medications that may be needed.

  • Extended visits lasting longer than 90 minutes

  • Pets Over 125 pounds. (I reserve the right to adjust charge after arrival should an owner underestimate their pet's weight.)

  • Fee for transport to Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services is $100 for communal cremation and is provided by Faithful Companion

  • Should you choose to transport the pet to Faithful Companion for communal cremation, there is no fee.

  • Cremation fees are handled by Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services and are in addition to fees by Forget-Me-Not Vet.

We accept Cash, Venmo, and Credit Cards.

If you have pet insurance, check with your provider to see if home euthanasia is covered.

Payment will be accepted in advance or at the beginning of the visit.

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